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It's been a sweet few months for Wellington's newest pop ensemble.

Four-piece band Honey. only formed in early March, but they wasted no time releasing their first single earlier this month and an accompanying video on May 17.

The band came together after lead vocalist Alexander Reid decided the day before university began to pursue music instead a degree.

He joined forces with wife Lydia Reid (shaker and lead vocals) and friends Matt Dixon (guitar) and Andy Hockey (keys and backing vocals) to create Honey.

Their first gig was at CubaDupa on March 25. Their first proper practice was the day before.

Reid describes the band's sound as pop with "80s elements".

They released their first single Can't Be On The Record on May 11.

It tells the story of a couple, post-break-up. The man tries to salvage the relationship in order to contain a truth he is ashamed of, and the woman just wants to forget everything.

"My goal with music is to write pop with feeling," Reid says.

"All the catchiness of pop … but just writing songs that tell a slightly deeper story, maybe darker stories."

A video for the single was filmed on board a boat as it was anchored near Matiu/Sommes Island.

Filmed and directed by Sevrin Noakes on an old VHS camera, it was then digitised to edit, finally being run back through a VCR to create a nostalgic effect.

Reid says the band is motivated to "take it to the top".

"With Honey. I want to see how far we can take it ... it will just be a great opportunity to learn and grow and get some industry capital. I'm definitely thinking international."

The plan is to release a new track each month for at least the next four months.

Reid was previously manager of The Free Store, a refitted container on Willis St that collect surplus food from cafes, bakeries and restaurants and gives it out freely from the shop front.

He says this experience made him realise how much genuine need there is in our communities and he wants to use his musical platform to address this.

"It's a real privilege and a responsibility and I think, if anything, I want to use this as a platform to speak up for the people that are voiceless," he says.

"As much as it is a passion, it's also a vehicle for greater good."

Can't Be On The Record is available on YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud.

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